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Champagne the Color is a South African online lifestyle brand that is bringing to you style in all its beautiful forms.

Champagne the Color will indulge your feminine need for all things classy, elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of edge because a woman who associates with us is anything but ordinary.

We are here to grant you unconditional access to the latest and upcoming fashion and style trends, not just locally but globally. Whether you are just the girl next door or the aspiring fashion goddess who has always been frustrated by the fact that they cannot afford their style, Champagne the Color is here to make the things to be done and make the fashion pots to be found. You can finally channel the fashion trendsetter that you have always known, deep down in your soul, to be.

The belief that every single individual should be granted access to the style world, irrespective of the size of one’s pocket is what drives the vision of our brand.

We want you to fully indulge yourself in fashion and live a life of style that is a true and unique reflection of you as an individual, just by simply sitting comfortably on your couch, with a glass of champagne.

By shopping with us, we give you the opportunity to dress like you have already made it in life (Psst, even if you haven’t, nobody has to know **winks**) because we are here to change the style game, for you.

Why wait any longer? Don’t sleep on yourself fam! Go get your life, join the movement and be the queen of style by heading over to our online store.